Kaziranga National Park  in  the state of Assam,India. The sanctuary, which hosts two-thirds of the world's great one-horned rhinoceroses, is a World Heritage Site.   Kaziranga is home to the highest density of tigers anong protected areas in the world, and was declared a Tiger Reserve  in 2006 . The park is home to large breeding populations of elephants, wild water buffalo, and swamp deer. Kaziranga is recognized as an Important Bird Area By Birdlife International for conservation of avifaunal species. When compared with other protected areas in India, Kaziranga has achieved notable success in wildlife conservation.
Kaziranga is a vast expanse of tall elephant grass, marshland and dense tropical moist broadleaf forests, criss-crossed by four major rivers, including the Bharmaputra, and the park includes numerous small bodies of water.


Kaziranga National Park also shelters about 15 species of India's threatened mammals,other most notable wildlife of Kaziranga National Park include:


One horned rhinoceros (rhinoceros unicornis), wild buffalo (bubalus bubalis), indian elephant (elephas maximus), royal bengal tiger (panthera tigris), indian wild boar (sus scrofa), eastern mole (talpa micrura), pangolin (manis crassicaudata), indian gaur (bos gaurus), swamp deer (cervus duvauceli), sambar (cervus unicolor), barking deer (muntiacus muntjak), white browed gibbon (hylobates hoolock), hog deer (axis porcinus), capped langur or leaf monkey (presbytis pileatus), rhesus macaque (macaca mulatto), assamese macaque (macaca assamensis), leopard (panthera pardus), sloth bear(melursus ursinus), indian porcupine (hystrix indica), fishing cat (felis viverrina), jungle cat (felis chaus), large indian civet (viverra zibetha), small indian civet (viverricula indica), indian gray mongoose (herpestes edwardsi), small indian mongoose (herpestus auropunctatus), bengal fox (vulpes bengalensis), golden jackal (canis aureus), common otter (lutra lutra), chinese ferret badger (melogale moschata), hog badger(arctonyx collaris), ganges and indus river dolphin (platanista gangetica), orange-bellied himalayan squirrel (dremomys lokriah), asiatic black bear (selenarctos thibetanus).


Snakes: Black krait (bungarus niger), bengal cobra (naja kaouthia), banded krait (bungarus fasciatus), common kukri snake (oligodon arnensis), checkered keelback watersnake (amphiesma stolata), common or long-nosed vine snake (ahaetulla nasuta), copperhead trinket snake (elaphe radiata), common krait (bungarus caeruleus), king cobra (ophiophagus hannah), pit vipers (trimeresurus spp.), rock python (python molurus), russel's viper (vipera russellii), reticulated python (python reticulatus), rat snake (ptyas mucosus), striped keelback (amphiesma stolata).
Lizards: Assam greyish-brown gecko (hemidactylus garnotii), assam olive-brown skink (mabuya multifasciata), assam greyish-brown gecko (hemidactylus garnotii), common bengal monitor (varanus bengalensis), common indian skink (mabuya carinata), dotted garden skink (lygosoma punctata), indian water monitor (varanus salvator), light-olive assam garden lizard (calotes emma), ticticky house gecko (hemidactylus frenatus), tuckto gecko (gecko gecko)

Turtles and Tortoises: Assam roofed turtle (kachuga sylhetensis), brown roofed turtle (kachuga smithii), brown hill tortoise (manouria emys), gangetic or indian softshell turtle (aspideretes gangeticus), indian roofed turtle (kachuga tecta), indian tent turtle (kachuga tentoria), indian eyed turtle (morena petersi), indian peacock softshell turtle (aspideretes hurum), indian flapshell turtle (lissemys punctata), indian black turtle (melanochelys trijuga), keeled box turtle (pyxidea mouhotii), malayan box turtle (cuora amboinensis), narrow headed softshell turtle (chitra indica), spotted pond turtle (geoclemys hamiltonii), oldham's leaf turtle (cyclemys oldhami).
Crocodiles Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus): Wildlife in Kaziranga National ParkFishes Anabas testudineus, amblypharyngodon mola, amphipnous cuchia, bagarius bagarius, xenentodon cancila, catla catla, chanda nama, channa amphibia, channa orientalis, channa marulius, channa punctata, channa striatus, cirrhina mrigala, clarius batrachus, colisa lalius, colisa fasciata, eutropiichthys vacha, gudiusia chapra, glossogobius giuris, heteropneustes fossilis, labeo bata, labeo calbasu, labeo rohita, labeo nandina, labeo gonius, mastacembelus armatus, mystus bleekeri, mystus cavasius, mystus menoda, aorichthys seenghala, mystus vittatus, nandus nandus, notopterus chitala, notopterus notopterus, ompak pabo, salmostoma bacaila, puntius ticto, puntius sarana, rasbora daniconius, rasbora elenga, tetraodon cutcutia, wallago attu.



Meet and greet at Guwahati Airport/Station and drive to Kaziranga (250 Kms / 5 hrs drive). Check in Hotel. Overnight at Kaziranga.


Early morning go for Elephant ride in the park. (Elephant riding time: 1st Ride- 5.15-6.15 AM; 2nd ride: 6.30-7.30 am) Return for Breakfast. After breakfast free for leisure or you can visit tea plantations, rubber plantations. After lunch Jeep safari in the Central Range. Overnight at Kaziranga.

After Breakfast drive to Guwahati Airport (250 kms /5 hrs drive). TOUR ENDS HERE WITH SWEET MEMORIES


For 03 PAX: Price Per Person: Rs. 8500/-
·       Transportation by Swift/ Indigo
·       Accommodation on twin sharing basis with a extra bed / Mattress
·       Meal Plan – CP basis
·       One round of Jeep safari and Elephant safari  at Kaziranga
·       Airfare
·       Meals
·       Guide
·       Entry fees
·       Camera fees
·       Any expenses of personal nature
·       Anything not mentioned in Cost includes part




DAY 01: ARRIVAL AT GUWAHATI-SHILLONG (130 Kms / 3 ½ hrs drive)
Meet and greet at Guwahati Airport/Station and drive to Shillong. Enroute visit Umium Lake. Check in Hotel. Overnight in Shillong.

DAY 02: DAY TRIP TO CHERRAPUNJEE (60 KMs / 2 hrs-One way)
Today morning after breakfast excursion to Cherrapunjee. Visit

Dwan Syiem view point, Noh kalikai falls, Mawsmai caves, Seven Sister falls, Eco park etc. Later drive back to Shillong. On the way visit to Shillong Peak & Elephant Falls. In the evening, you can go for shopping at Police Bazar. Overnight in Shillong.

After breakfast drive to Kaziranga. Check in at hotel. Overnight at Kaziranga.

Early morning go for Elephant ride in the park. (Elephant riding time: 1st Ride- 5.15-6.15 AM; 2nd ride: 6.30-7.30 am) Return for Breakfast. After breakfast free for leisure or you can visit tea plantations, rubber plantations. After lunch Jeep safari in the Central Range. Back to Guwahati and night stay.

After breakfast visit Kamakhya temple, Navagraha temple, Umananda temple, Balaji Temple, state Zoo. Evening River cruise over the river Brahmaputra. Overnight in Guwahati.

After Breakfast drive to Guwahati Airport /Station. TOUR ENDS HERE WITH SWEET MEMORIES


*Price  will be : Rs. 13550/- per person minimum For 04 PAX: ( 2 adult + 2 child )  (Using Indigo / Swift)

  • All transfers & sightseeing by 01 above mentioned vehicle as per itinerary
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis for 05 nights with one extra bed.
  • Meal Plan – CP basis
  • One elephant ride & one round of Jeep safari at Kaziranga including Park entry fees.


  • Airfare
  • Entry fees
  • Camera fees
  • Meals
  • Guide
  • Anything not mentioned in the ‘PACKAGE INCLUSIONS’ part.
  • Any expenses of personal nature.
  • Day 1: Guwahati - Manas 

    Our tour representative will welcome you at Guwahati Airport/Rly station. Drive to Manas National Park which is 176kms away & will take almost 4hrs. Check in at Lodge/Hotel at Manas, dinner & overnight.

    Day 2: Manas 

    Manas National Park is a World Heritage Site & a tiger reserve Project. Apart from tiger, one horned rhinos, hispid hare, gaurs, pygmy hogs and rare golden languor available in this park. It is a paradise for birdwatchers. Early morning we will go for elephant safari. After breakfast or in the afternoon we will go for jeep safari. Dinner & overnight will be at hotel/lodge at Manas.

    Day 3: Manas - Guwahati 

    After breakfast drive to Guwahati. After lunch we will visit Deepor Bil, the first Wildlife Bird Sanctuary in Assam, offers varieties of local & migratory birds. Check in hotel, evening free. Dinner & overnight will be at Guwahati.

    Day 4: Guwahati - Nameri 

    After breakfast we leave for Nameri which is 250kms. away from Guwahati city & will take almost 5hrs. It is the border of the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh laying in the foot-hills of eastern Himalaya. Check in Tourist Lodge/Resort/Eco-camp on arrival at Nameri. Evening is free, dinner & overnight.

    Day 5: Nameri 

    We start the day with early morning elephant safari inside the Nameri National Park which is the home of the near extinct white Winged Wood-duck. Besides, the park abounds in elephants, leopards, sambar, barking deer, wild boar, gaur, Indian wild dogs and a variety of birds including four species of hornbill. After breakfast we gear-up for river rafting over Jia Bharali River. Later its leisure time for you to explore the beautiful place on your own and halt for the night. Then check in at the Hotel.

    Day 06: Nameri - Kaziranga 

    After breakfast we drive to the first National Park in Assam, World Heritage status by UNESCO the Kaziranga National Park. Drive will take around 4½ hrs. via Tezpur. Lunch will be on the way. Check in the Resort/Tourist Lodge/Hotel at Kaziranga.

    Day 07: Kaziranga 

    Kaziranga is the land of the great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros. Apart from Rhino one can finds Elephant, Indian bison, Swamp deer, Sambar, Hog deer, Sloth bear, Tiger, Leopard, Leopard cat, Jungle cat, Hog badger, Capped languor, Hoolock gibbon, Jackal, Goose, Hornbill, Ibis, Cormorant, Egret, Heron Fishing Eagle etc. We start our jungle safari on elephant back early in the morning in the central range of the park, for one hour. Then back to Resort for breakfast. After breakfast we take you for jeep safari inside the national park. Then we come back for lunch and take rest for two hours. Again in the late afternoon, we take you inside the central range for a sunset view of the park. Then back to resort & Overnight.

    Day 08: Kaziranga - Guwahati 

    After breakfast we will drive back to Guwahati around 217kms, which will take around 5hrs. On the way we will have lunch. Check in Hotel/Tourist Lodge at Guwahati. Evening will be free. Night halt will be at Guwahati.

    Day 09: Airport 

    After breakfast transfer to the Airport/Rly Station. Tour ends.




After breakfast drive to Kaziranga. Check in at hotel. Overnight at Kaziranga.

Early morning go for Elephant ride in the park. (Elephant riding time: 1st Ride- 5.15-6.15 AM; 2nd ride: 6.30-7.30 am) Return for Breakfast. After breakfast free for leisure or you can visit tea plantations, rubber plantations. After lunch Jeep safari in the Central Range. Overnight at Kaziranga.

After leisurely breakfast visit orchid garden and Tea Garden and then drive to Guwahati. If Check in at Hotel . Evening if time permits do shopping . Overnight at Guwahati.

DAY 04:
After breakfast check out from Hotel and transfer to Airport.

For 02 PAX: Price Per Person: Rs.14550/-
 All transfers & sightseeing by 01 Swift dzire / Indigo  as per itinerary

  • Accommodation on double sharing basis for 03 nights
  • Meal Plan – CP basis
  • One Elephant safari and one Jeep safari


  • Airfare
  • Entry fees
  • Camera fees
  • Guide
  • Anything not mentioned in the ‘PACKAGE INCLUSIONS’ part.
  • Any expenses of personal nature.




Day 01: Arrive Guwahati / Nameri National Park (255 kms, 5 hrs drive)

Arrive Guwahati by flight. 
Meeting upon arrival and depart for Nameri National Park.

Nameri National Park: 

The Nameri  National Park of 200 sq kms area is located in the Sonitpur district, bordering Arunachal Pradesh and it is also the core area of Nameri Tiger Reserve  (344sq kms). It is the home of  Mammals like Elephant, Tiger, leopard, Sambar,Barking deer, Hog Deer, Wild Boar,Gaur, slow loris,gaplangur,Burmese ferret badger, and over 350 species of birds including White-winged Wood Duck, Ibisbill (uncommon), Ruddy Kingfisher, Palla’sfishing eagle,Lesser Adjutant stork , Greater spotted eagle,Rufous necked hornbill, Great pied Indian hornbill, Wreathed hornbill, Long-billed Ringed Plover, Sultan Tit, and Yellow-bellied and White-throated Fantails. Another important wild life sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh The Pakhui (Pakke) wild life Sanctuary adjoins the Park on its North-Eastern point. The river Jia- Bhoroli and its tributaries namely the Diji, Dinai, Doigurung, Nameri, Dikorai, Kharietc crisscross the park. During rainy season A few jheels (during the rainy seasons) also dot the area. One can enjoy rafting in the Jia Bhoroli river in the south western boundary.
Arrive and check in at Eco Camp.
Rest of the time free at leisure.Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 02: Nameri National Park
Early morning go for the nature walk and the bird watching trip into the dense jungle of Nameri National Park with the forest guards. 
 Afternoon you can opt for mild river rafting in Jia Bharali river adjoining to the Nameri National Park. (Optional)
 Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the camp. Overight at the camp .

Day 03: Nameri National Park / Kaziranga National Park (135 Kms, 3 hrs drive with stop)
Morning after breakfast depart for Kaziranga National Park.
Kaziranga National Park:
 Kaziranga National Park has become synonymous with successful conservations of Great One Horn Rhinoceros (from the Greek word, "rhino" means nose and "ceros" means horn) / Unicornis (from the Latin word, "uni" means one and "cornis" also means horn) and also a home of may other threatened species including Indian Elephant (Elephant Maximus), Tiger(Panthera tigris), Hoolock Gibbon (Bunipithecus hoolock), Ganges dolphin (Platanista gangetica),Sambar (Cervusunicolor), Barasingha or Swamp Deer (duvauceli), Hog Deer, Indian Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak), Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and Gaur (Bos frontalis)etc.
There are also over 500 species of birds have been recorder in the park including 25 specis of globally threatened category. Over and above ther are 21 rare and endangered species. In winter one can observe a large breeding population of Spot Bill Pelicans about one thousand breeding nests are found in a place which has been named as Pelican Colony in the Eastern Range. 
Among the reptiles  species like Water Monitor Lizard (Varanus salvator), Indian python (Python molurus), Cobra (Naja naja) and  the King Cobra are found.
Arrive Kaziranga and check in resort. overnight stay at resort.

Day 04: Kaziranga
Early morning enjoy the elephant safari in the central (Kohora) range of Kaziranga. Later return to the resort for breakfast.
Afternoon enjoy the ethnic cuisine in the NATUNDENGA Karbi village adjoining Kaziranga National Park (Optional)

Late afternoon enjoy the exclusive Jeep safari in the western (Bagori) range of Kaziranga. 
Overnight at the resort.

Day 05: Kaziranga / Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Jorhat (120 kms, 3 hrs drive)
Morning after breakfast depart for Jorhat.
Arrive Jorhat and check in at nature resort.
Afternoon visit:
Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
The Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary in Jorhat District of Assam is the only protected area in India to be named after a primate species. The sanctuary with an area of 20.98 hectare is situated at 26°40" to 26°45" N and 94°20" to 94°25" E and is located in the south bank of the Great Brahmaputra river system .The sanctuary which harbors seven species of primates including Hoolock Gibbon has been declared mainly for the conservation of Hoolock Gibbon. Keeping in view the importance of GWLS as a stronghold of Hoolock gibbon, a program under the title "Conservation of Hoolock Gibbon through Education, Awareness and Socio-economic development of the fringe area community in Gibbon Wild Life Sanctuary, Assam, India" was launched. The program was supported by US Fish and Wildlife Service (GACF).

Overnight at nature resort.

Day 06: Jorhat depart
Morning after breakfast in time transfer to airport / train station for the onward destination.


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Jeep Safari Timing (For ER, CR, WR & BPR only):

1.Morning Shift    : 7.00 am- 10.00 am

2. Evening Shift     : 1.30 pm-3.00 pm

Elephant Ride Timings (For Central Range and Western Range only):

1. Morning 1st Shift         : 5.30 am-6.30 am

2. Morning 2nd Shift        : 6.30 am-7.30 am




Destination  Covered  : Delhi - Sariska - Jaipur - Ranthambore - Bharatpur - Agra - Khajuraho - Bandhavgarh - Kanha - Nagpur - Bhubaneshwar - Kokatta - Gauhati - Kaziranga - Delhi

Day 01:- Delhi

After arrival on Delhi you will be meet our representative and transfer to the hotel. Spend your leisure time there and visit like qutub minar, red fort lotus temple .

Day 02:- Delhi to sariska

Early morning after having breakfast you will drive to sariska national park and enjoy afternoon jungle safari. Enjoy dinner at resort.

Day 03:- sariska to Jaipur

Morning Jungle drive. Later drive to Jaipur enroute visiting the Amber Fort. Afternoon city tour of Jaipur to see City Palace , Jantar Mantar and observatory. 

Day 4. Jaipur – Ranthambore

Morning drive to Sawaimadhopur to see the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Evening Jungle excursion. 

Day 5. Ranthambore

Morning and evening Jungle safari.

Day 6. Ranthambore

Morning and evening Jungle safari and Overnight.

Day 7. Ranthambore – Bharatpur

Morning jungle drive. Later drive on to Bharatpur to visit the Keoladeo Bird National Park. Evening, a short walk to the Jungle.

Day 8. Bharatpur 

Take a boat ride to the nesting colonies of birds.

Day 9. Bharatpur - Agra 

Morning bird viewing. Later drive on to Agra to see the Taj-Mahal. Afternoon city tour. 

Day 10. Agra - Khajuraho - Bandhavgarh 

Morning fly to Khajuraho. On arrival visit the Western Group of Temples. Later drive on to Bandhavgarh National Park, Overnight at the Bandhavgarh.

Day 11. Bandhavgarh

Morning and evening jungle excursion.  at the lodge.

Day 12. Bandhavgarh

Morning and evening excursion to the National Park. Overnight at The lodge.

Day 13. Bandhavgarh – Kanha

Morning drive on to Kanha National Park. On arrival transfer to Kanha Jungle Lodge for overnight.

Day 14. Kanha

Evening jungle excursion, nature walks and Elephant rides. Overnight at the lodge.

Day 15. Kanha 

Morning and evening jungle excursion, nature walks and Elephant rides. Overnight at lodge. 

Day 16. Kanha - Nagpur

Morning Jungle excursion. Afternoon drive to Nagpur.

Day 17. Nagpur - Bhubaneshwar 

Morning fly to Bhubaneshwar and excursion to Konarak Temple. 

Day 18. Bhubaneshwar – Kolkata

Morning fly to Calcutta. Afternoon sightseeing of Calcutta seeing the Victoria Memorial, Kali temple, Howrah Bridge. 

Day 19. Kolkata - Gauhati - Kaziranga 

Morning fly to Guwahati and drive to Kaziranga National park to see the one horned Rhino.

Day 20. Kaziranga 

Morning and evening jungle safari ( Jeep/Elephant) , nature walks.

Day 21. Kaziranga

Morning and evening jungle safari, nature walks and Elephant rides.

Day 22. Kaziranga - Gauhati – Delhi

Morning drive back to Guwahati for flight to Delhi. to onward destination.


Time You Have to Spent in this Tour: 15 Nights / 16 Days
Places Covered: Delhi - Jaipur - Ranthambore - Bharatpur - Agra - Bandhavgarh - Kanha - Jabalpur - Delhi

Day 01: Arrival at Delhi
After arrival at Delhi international Airport, Indian Wildlife Tourism representative will greet and transfer you to the hotel. Freshen up and have dinner. Free to relax in the evening. Enjoy the welcome dinner and stay overnight at hotel.

Day 02: In Delhi
Book This TourHave breakfast after that move forward for the full day tour of Delhi “The Capital City of India”. Visit the wonderful attractions of the city like Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Chandni Chowk, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Jantar Mantar, Akshardham Temple, Gandhi Memorial, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, etc. Return to hotel, have dinner and stay overnight at hotel.

Day 03: Delhi - Jaipur
After breakfast drive to Jaipur. Upon arrival check in at hotel and freshen up. Later, proceed for the excursion of Amber fort. Enjoy the elephant safari here that gives you an amazing experience. Return to hotel, have dinner and rest overnight at Jaipur.

Day 04: Jaipur – Ranthambore
Have breakfast after that proceed for the city tour of Jaipur “The Pink City”. Visit the popular attractions like Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar Observatory, Nahargarh Fort, Government Central Museum, Galta Monkey Temple, etc. Later, drive to Ranthambore National Park and upon arrival check in at hotel. Have dinner and relax overnight at hotel.

Day 05: In Ranthambore
Book This Tour After breakfast move forward to explore amazing Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is well-liked for the royal tigers. Also explore the other wild animals like: Leopard, Nilgai, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Dhole, Sambar and many more. There are number of plants, birds, reptiles, etc. in the sanctuary that will make your journey astonishing. Back to hotel, have dinner and rest overnight at hotel.

Day 06: In Ranthambore
Have breakfast after that again proceed towards Ranthambore National Park to enjoy the Elephant safari. Also experience some adventurous sports like rappelling, trekking, nature walk, jeep safari, etc. After that, explore the popular attractions of the park like: Ranthambore Fort, Padam Talao, etc. Have dinner and stay overnight at hotel.

Day 07: Ranthambore – Bharatpur
Have breakfast after that drive towards Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. After arrival check in at hotel and freshen up. Later, move forward to explore the variety of beautiful birds in the sanctuary. Also visit the other attractions of Bharatpur like Ganga Mandir, Bharatpur Palace, Laxman Mandir, etc. Have dinner and overnight stay will be at hotel.

Day 08: Bharatpur – Agra
Book This TourAfter having breakfast proceed for your next destination i.e. Agra, en-route visit Fatehpur Sikri. Upon arrival check in at hotel and get freshen up. Later, move forward to visit the major attractions of Agra i.e. “Taj Mahal” one of the wonder from the Seven Wonders of the World and “Agra Fort”. Enjoy dinner and relax overnight at the hotel.

Day 09: Agra – Bandhavgarh
Have breakfast and then move towards Bandhavgarh. After arrival check in at hotel and get freshen up. Free to relax for the remaining day. Have breakfast and stay overnight at hotel.

Day 10: In Bandhavgarh
After hearty breakfast proceed to explore the lush greenery of Bandhavgarh National Park. You will explore the Royal Bengal Tigers here. It has the utmost density of tiger population in India. You will also capture the other animals in camera like Chausingha, Chital, Chinkara, Nilgai, Indian Bison, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Porcupine, Wild Boar, Sambhar, Spotted Deer, etc. Return to hotel, enjoy dinner and stay overnight at hotel.

Day 11: In Bandhavgarh
After having breakfast again visit the Bandhavgarh national park for more excitement. On this day you will explore the Bandhavgarh Fort, Statue of Shesh-Saiya and Baghela Museum. At Bandhavgarh fort you will see the little population of blackbuck. After all these enjoyment, back to hotel, have dinner and relax overnight at hotel.

Day 12: In Bandhavgarh
Book This Tour Have relaxed breakfast at the hotel and move forward towards the Bandhavgarh national park for lots more enjoyment. On this day, take pleasure of elephant ride for thrilling experience. Later also enjoy the jeep safari. Return to hotel, have dinner and overnight stay will be at hotel.

Day 13: Bandhavgarh - Kanha
After breakfast drive towards Kanha Tiger Reserve. Upon arrival check in at hotel and relax. In the evening proceed for the amazing jeep safari in the park. Back to hotel, enjoy dinner and rest overnight at hotel.

Day 14: In Kanha
Have breakfast after that proceed to explore Kanha national park. It is one of the preeminent tiger reserve. Explore the tigers as well as other wild animals like: leopard, striped hyena, jungle cat, sloth bear, spotted dear, wild boar, jackal and a variety of monkeys. There is wide variety of birds spotted in the park. Later, have dinner and stay overnight at hotel.

Day 15: Kanha - Jabalpur
After breakfast enjoy the morning jeep safari in the park. Later, in the afternoon drive to Jabalpur and after arrival take a train for Delhi. Dinner and overnight will be on train

Day 16: Delhi (Departure)
Book This Tour Have breakfast after arrival at Delhi from Jabalpur. Later, Indian Wildlife Tourism representative will transfer you to Delhi International Airport on time to catch the flight for your onward destination.





The Corbett National Park is a primal jungle as Rudyard Kipling put it. Despite extensive tourism, the park has managed to retain its primeval ambience, where man must walk timorously, in awe and with a strong sense of his own insignificance. more pictures.... 

Set up in 1936 as India's first national park and possibly the finest, the Corbett National Park was first delimited in consultation with that great hunter and conserver, Jim Corbett. The park spans across some 920.9 square km at an altitude of 600 to 1100 metres about the foothills of the western Himalayas in the districts of Nainital and Pauri Garhwal in the state of Uttaranchal (formerly part of Uttar Pradesh). In its eventful 64-year life, it has grown considerably in size and now includes the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary as a part of its 1,319 sq km of reserved forest area. 








Day 01:
Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park


After reaching new delhi airport or railway station you will meet our representative and drive to Jim Corbett national park. Upon arrival in the early afternoon, you will have lunch and then have a few hours to relax before going on the first of three trips into the park. return to resort and enjoy evening tea, dinner and overnight stay at hotel.


Day 02 :
Safari Day


Wake up early to experience the surrounding forest you will go into the park in a small Suzuki jeep you can either opt for a two-hour long elephant safari. Then return back to you resort for breakfast, after noon proceed to take some team building activities like
Rock Climbing
River Crossing,
Rappelling etc
Or proceed to take jeep safari inside the Corbett national park with experience guide, return back to resort in the evening dinner & over night stay at hotel.



Day 03:

Back to Delhi


Wake up with a leisure Breakfast and drive to Delhi.



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